Golf Ball Reviews: Top 10 Best Options Of 2014

Golfing is one of the most universal sports out there. There is no mandatory minimum body build that works, or some sort of physical endurance required to master the sport. It can be approached by everyone of equal brevity. Bringing it all together is the tiny white hard ball. While a lot of major sports have a ball of some kind, the golf ball is unique in both its size and hardness.

You can master the sport of golfing using the best golf balls in the industry. Most golf ball reviews 2014 seem to stress a few select top tier brands. But if you dig a little deeper, you find a wide range of products provided by a full assortment of companies in all sections of budget. Below are some of the best golf balls of the year and the best companies providing durable design, a clean concourse, and rudimentary style that fit the traditional sport.

10. Slazenger Gold Balls: 48 in All

Slazenger 48 Recycled Golf Balls in Mesh BagSlazenger is not necessarily the most recognizable name in branded golf supplies, let alone sports as a whole. So what makes the companies 48 professional golf balls in a mesh bag a top 10 option for the year?

Pros: The bag is a mix of different grades for different playstyles as well as players. This makes it a wonderful entry level bag that is great for amateurs and players that are prone to bring along a group. There is also a unique aspect of the Slazenger selection. All the golf balls are recycled, yet sustain a high grade throughout. Amazon features them widely for their balance between cost and durability. It is the former item that is perhaps its greatest strength. At $20 for the whole bag (roughly 50 cents a ball) it rarely gets more affordable.

Cons: its reliance as an entry level golf ball option leaves it to be a little less than desirable for more professional level players.

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9. TaylorMade Lethal 12 Pack

TaylorMade Lethal Golf Ball 12pk WhiteTaylorMade has made a number of products in the golf sports market. Yet their lethal line is arguably the most structurally sound.

Pros: These diabolical constructions have a five-layer technology built into their framework. This provides an impeccable level of spin control, making them perfect for professional athletes.

Cons: They can be a bit pricey. $35 for 12 golf balls is not the most reasonable offer in the world. But their dimple pattern texture and grade empowerment is just astounding. There is also a low-drag performance build which is part of its design. In short, this means it has greater general velocity and airiness to the ball.

This is a top tier option. In the world of golf, the old adage of you get what you pay for is oh so very true.

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8. Srixon Angry birds Golf Balls

Srixon Angry Birds Golf BallsSrixon has made some high grade quality golf balls in the past, but this is certainly not the goal here. This is pure child’s play filtered through the world of fun mobile games and the exciting thrills of golfing.

Pros: These Angry birds designed golf balls are so charming, and a great way to introduce a child into the world of golfing the same you the Flintstones introduced them to the world of brushing their own teeth and taking vitamins. What the Srixon balls lack in design quality they make up for in charming whimsy. Each ball boasts a different character from the famed series. At $10 for a pack of six, it really doesn’t get any better.

Cons: They are not to be taken seriously as a high grade ball by any means. Of course, professional p[layers can still play with them. The balls are surprisingly universal, so they can be used well by high level players while still being light and of a shallower descent for amateur players.

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7. Bridgestone B Grade Set of 48 Golf Balls

Assorted Bridgestone B Grade Recycled Golf Balls (Value Pack of 48)When anyone sees b grade or recycled, they want to run for the hills. But b grade is an unfair designation that has a strong stigma that is undeserved. First of all, recycled balls are cheaper without ever really affecting the integrity of the balls. They are manually inspected for quality, something that Bridgestone Golf is well known for. But many people do not think the same standards apply to recycled products than with the new products. They would be wrong.

Pros: Bridgestone’s 48 ball set is a steal at about $29.99. You get a wide range of golf ball grades in a cozy black mesh bag.

Cons: Despite the fact that the Bridgestone quality is still sustained in their recycled products, some people simply do not like the texture or idea of using the recycled material for their high level of play.

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6. Nike Golf: Long Power Distance Golf Balls

Nike Golf PD Long Power Distance Golf Balls, OrangeNike may be a lot more well known for their popular brand shoes, but they have been in the golf market for quite a long time. In a direct golf ball comparison, Nike is more than capable of holding their own. As it goes, their branded long power distance golf balls are impeccable.

Pros: They are designed with a high velocity core that gives them an incredible weight in the center surrounded by a softer exterior shelling. This gives off a design that enhances the speed of the hit and the overall capability of the balls.

Cons: You can also get 12 for about $15.99, making it a highly desirable price given the quality of the balls and the company behind them. Lastly, they come in a bright orange design that only screams fire and power. It may not be acceptable or preferred by amny players that prefer their golf balls more traditional. It fits the tone and the theme. No wonder Nike is such a dominant force in sports.

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5. Callaway Supersoft 12 Pack

Callaway Super Soft Multi-Color Golf BallsCallaway has been quite an innovator in the sports market. With this new supersoft option, they have bested their own products with inarguably the softest golf balls on the market.

Pros: The ultra low compression of the Callaway products reduces the spinoff and enhances the overall distance, which is perfect for combating crosswinds. Yet it gets better. The low spin maximizes forwardness.

Cons: Now soft is not necessarily a good thing if it is not ergonomically designed properly. If the ball is too soft in its core it can drift too far with the wind and face issues against especially frustrating crosswinds. At about $19 for a pack of 12, it could be a little cheaper. But given the unique appeal of the softest golf balls on the major market, it is worth the price of admission.

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4. Wilson ZIP Double Dozen Pack

Wilson ZIP Double Dozen Golf Balls, Pack of 24 (White)Wilson is the biggest name in sports, and they show their might with this appealing selection. They consistently top golf ball rankings, among other things.

Pros: Wilson has a lot of clout, so they are able to patent a special unique build and construction known as ‘zero compression.’ In essence, it means the core of the golf ball is designed in a way to alleviate bounce, withstand unexpected crosswinds, and generally act as the hard core center of the ball with its softer exterior shell. Wilson’s product has a 302 phD aerodynamic grade and shallow dimples for design. At the end of the day, people will navigate to this product on name brand alone. But it has the technical power to back up the authority of Wilson.

Cons: They come in at about $1 per ball on, but are generally sold in this double dozen format.

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3. Intech Beta Ti Golf Balls

Intech Beta Ti Golf Balls (36 Pack)This golf ball box ranks so high almost solely on price. Intech is not widely known for their incredible golf ball design, though they certainly best a number of major brands on the market.

Pros: The balls are also completely clean- no logo. This is a nice little stylistic choice that does not affect the quality. In all, for $18 you can get 36 balls.

Cons: This option boasts a surlyn cover golf ball fitting over all the balls for added longevity, as well as a larger core than what is traditional. Its fluid metal core is non-traditional, and largely chocked up to a stylistic preference. These balls are better for those with a heavy swing, for it handles the extra pressure with ease.

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2. Chromax Compression Balls

Chromax M1 Golf Balls 6 pack (Orange)Chromax is an innovative company with a perplexing gimmick that is seen as either charming or pointless- there is rarely a middle ground.

Pros: Compression generally means that they golf balls are more tightly knitted and heavier. But it is not the actual construction and design of the interior of the golf balls here that is so perplexing. Chromax has established an identity in providing chrome-plated sports items, and their golf balls are no exception. Aesthetically, it is incredibly cool to hit a golf ball that glows blue, yellow, orange, or silver. Practically, you can visualize the flight path (predicting winds) and its landing position with much greater accuracy.

Cons: At the end of the day, they are chrome colored. No great design will get rid of this stylistic fact.

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1. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls (Pack of 12)If you want professional grade quality, look no further than Titleist’s own Pro V1x 12 pack.

Pros: The box is a monster of golf ball quality, maximizing performance quality with a patented dual core tech process known as ZG. Though details are hard to come by, golf enthusiasts swear by the high grade of the Titleist gold ball reviews product.

Cons: Perhaps the $40 price tag for a set of 12 goes a little ways in showing off the brand’s quality control. Titleist is the master’s brand, and you can grab the set for yourself at right now.

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Golfing is one of the most popular sports in the world, largely because anyone can really learn how it is done. It is in the swing, in the approach to details, in the depth of perception, and, of course, in the little frame of that hard-coated little golf ball. The above products from 10 different companies include some of the best golf balls in the industry in an assortment of various styles and approaches to the sport.