A lot of golfers are under the impression that they either have to pay a lot of money to get great golf balls, or save money by playing with low quality golf balls. Obviously, these golfers are not familiar with the Intech golf balls. Yes, this brand is offering you a chance to play with high quality golf balls at a price lower than what the other brands are offering.

What can you expect from these golf balls? Just to give you an idea, the Intech Beta Ti offers a two piece cover construction which is only normally found on golf balls around twice the price. It also offers a Surlyn cover that also offers the well-loved 432 dimple technology. These balls also blast out of the tee with explosive power thanks to the large fluid metal core that ensures explosion in every swing. Simply put, these balls are offering Tour-level performance thanks to their wide array of features.

Other brands are offering the same set of features, so why should you settle for a lesser known brand? Here’s the thing, a pack of 36 Intech Beta Ti golf balls costs less than $20. Read that again and let those numbers settle in.

More and more golfers are realizing why it’s the best kept secret in golf. You may not know it, but the golfers beating you regularly may have been using them. You wouldn’t know it because these golf balls have no logo on them. But really, why should you care if they have no logo? These balls can help you perform. That’s the only thing that matters, aside from the fact that you can save a lot of money by buying them.
You may be a little apprehensive right now, but what do you have to lose? Try them today and see how you can save a lot of money and perform your very best on the greens!

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