Titleist is claiming to be the number 1 brand when it comes to golf balls. Really, you’ll be hard-pressed to argue otherwise. They do have the technologies and awards to back up this claim. With countless of amateur and professional golfers relying on this brand for their golf balls, no one can really argue against the fact that Titleist golf balls are number 1 and win the argument.

It’s not just one type of golf ball. In order to be the best, they understand that they need to capture a wide piece of the market and they did just that by offering several varieties. Each of these varieties has its own strengths, and it would be impossible for you not to find the perfect ball for you.

Are you looking to add more ferociousness to your drives? You should check out the Velocity line as it’s engineered to give you more explosive distance. Unlike other golf balls, you wouldn’t need to sacrifice control and precision. You can get distance, precision and control. It doesn’t get any better than that.

The NXT Tour line also offers several varieties. Establish what you need in your game and you can find the perfect golf ball for you. Are you looking for a low driver with a long iron spin? This brand has you covered. How about a softer compression feel? There are Titleist golf balls for that.

These golf balls are so advanced that they stand out from the rest. Even their dimple design is a cut above the rest. You can’t go wrong with Titleist. In fact, there’s a good chance that you have several products from the brand, so why not add their golf balls? After all, it’s the number 1 brand of golf balls. See for yourself why it’s considered as such.

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