Bridgestone Golf 2013 e5 Golf Balls (Pack of 12), White

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Product Description

If you are in need of a reliable golf ball to use in your game, then you can rely on Bridgestone. The company is based in Covington, Georgia and they manufacture and design a wide range of accessories and equipment for golf. The company also sells clubs and other accessories used for this sport.

One of their best offers is the E5, which was released in the market in 2013. This ball features a cover that is made of the urethane material which would mean a greater carry in the golf course as well as a tour caliber spin in the green side.

Product Features

The E5 comes with a lot of great features and it is for this reason why they are becoming very popular among golfers worldwide. For one, they feature an improved cover which leads to an increase in aerodynamics. Second, it has a newly optimized dual dimple design resulting to an increased distance.

Another great thing about the ball is that it is made of a two piece urethane construction which makes it achieve a Tour level green side spin control. Furthermore, it comes with a shallower dimple design as compared to the previous model and this feature leads to a much higher flight in the green.

What Customers Say About the Product

In order to know if a product is worthy of your hard earned money or not, it is best to find out what other customers have said about it. Several customers have confessed that it hits very long and lands softly, which is definitely a good thing. They also agree that the product is definitely of good quality and could last long even with frequent use.

Another reason why a lot of customers are happy with the E5 is because of its relatively cheap price. This is especially true if you decide to purchase online since the product is being offered there at a discounted amount.


Golfers who want to hone their skills on the sport should choose the E5 made by Bridgestone. The E5 is a perfect choice for all golfers regardless of their skill level. As stated above, the product is equipped with several excellent features as well as innovative technology that you can only find from those products made by Bridgestone. And with all the great things that have been said about the ball, it is safe to conclude that the E5 is really worth investing for.

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4 reviews for Bridgestone Golf 2013 e5 Golf Balls (Pack of 12), White

  1. Susann Alukonis

    This particular deal is the best on the internet. This is a good quality ball which hits very long and lands very soft. I buy them 2 boxes each time to get free postage.

  2. Shalon Peccia

    Extremely nice. It really is a bonus that they have a very soft feel. The fact that they are low spin and inexpensive makes them a have to buy.

  3. Chance Veeser

    This ball is effective and i’m not a scratch player. It can do a good job.

  4. Prince Kluka

    Excellent values such as this are difficult to locate. They wear very well. I’ve got a handicap of 16.

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