Bridgestone Golf 2013 e6 Golf Balls (Pack of 12)

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Product Description

If you are looking for golf balls to buy, then you need to keep in mind that these accessories are very important in your game. Therefore, you should spend some time in researching for the best golf balls in the market especially now that you will find several different brands, models, and varieties of golf balls. One of the most important things to consider is the performance of the ball and when it comes to this, the Bridgestone Golf 2013 E6 Golf Balls are sure to stand out.

Features of the Bridgestone Golf 2013 E6 Golf Balls

  • Available in three attractive colors – orange, white and yellow.
  • Highly improved cover that results in an increased aerodynamics.
  • Comes with an all new optimized dual dimple technology which results in an increased distance.
  • Extremely soft multi layer golf balls.
  • Reformulated cover allows for increased softness while enhancing driver back spin.
  • Softest gradational car.
  • Inner layer features an anti-side spin.
  • Newly improved cover features a Softer Surlyn cover.
  • 326 seamless dimple design and the latest dual dimple technology.
  • Limited Edition golf balls.

Product Information

The Bridgestone Golf 2013 E6 Golf Balls come in a pack of 12. These multi layer golf balls are designed to reduce the spin for a straighter and longer shot. This pack of multi layer golf balls are among the softest golf balls in the market today. They are available in optic yellow, white as well as optic orange color. The golf ball features a soft gradational core in the middle covered with an anti-spin mantle and then a soft Surlyn cover on the outer core.

The E6 Golf Balls are among the limited edition golf balls from Bridgestone Golf, a company known worldwide for producing the best quality products.

Why Buy the Product

If you feel that hooks and slices are adding strokes to your card, then you should give the Bridgestone Golf 2013 E6 Golf Balls a try. As mentioned, these balls are considered the softest multi layer golf ball in the market and are designed to lessen your spin in order to achieve a straighter distance. The golf balls come with a bigger and newer Dual Dimple design that provides a reduced drag for a much higher speed and increased lift. The extremely soft Surlyn cover as well as the low compression core makes these balls the softest golf balls ever released in the market.

Another reason why you should choose this pack of golf balls out of the various brands of golf balls in the market is because it received quite a lot of positive feedback from customers online. In fact, these golf balls receive excellent ratings in Amazon. Most of the reviews written are all positive and customers are very much pleased with the great spin that these balls produce as well as their soft features. Others love the fact that the balls do not cost a lot, yet they are extremely durable, which is what Bridgestone golf balls are known for.

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4 reviews for Bridgestone Golf 2013 e6 Golf Balls (Pack of 12)

  1. Emilio

    This product is great. It is a bonus that they’ve got a very soft feel. What a fantastic value, and they’re low spin.

  2. Rosario Rijo

    This is actually the best deal anywhere for new golf balls. It is a blessing to find a high quality ball like this which hits long. I have been utilizing it for several years.

  3. Colton Oroark

    This particular ball provides a large amount of value. Many of the ones I use to use didn’t go in a straight line very much, however these ones do. I have a handicap of 19.

  4. Malik Leavelle

    This ball has been my main ball for the last few years. It has got a really good feeling whenever I smack it. Compared to other balls I get good long distance with this one.

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