Bridgestone Golf 2013 E6 with B330 RX Bonus Sleeve Golf Balls (Pack of 15)

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Product Description

One of the most important accessories that every golfer should have is the golf ball. Being an important accessory, it is necessary that you choose the best golf ball to buy in the market and one of these is this pack of E6 Golf 2013 golf balls from Bridgestone. What is great about this pack of golf balls is that it comes with a bonus sleeve, an offer which you cannot find on other brands of golf balls nowadays.

Features of Bridgestone Golf 2013 E6

  • It comes with a free sleeve of the new Bridgestone B330 RX golf ball.
  • There are 15 golf balls in a pack.
  • It has a soft compression core that results to a straighter and longer distance in the golf course.
  • There’s a re-engineered mantle for a reduced spin with greater accuracy.
  • It’s made of extremely soft Urethane cover which results to an extra greenside spin control.
  • It has a 330 dual dimple technology that results to a well consistent flight.
  • There’s an anti-side spin internal layer.
  • It features a Surlyn cover that is extremely soft and with improved feel.
  • It has a 326 seamless dimple design and a newly improved dual dimple technology.
  • It’s designed for players who prefer maximum tour accuracy and distance.
  • It’s ideal for those who want a maximum tour spin in the golf course.

Product Information

The Bridgestone Golf 2013 E6 golf balls feature a dual dimple design that is intended to lessen the drag when you launch the ball in the golf course. The dual dimple feature also helps to enhance lift late in the flight for better carry.

Made of soft Urethane covers, the golf balls are thinner which makes for a better feel. Moreover, the mantle of the golf balls is softer to control and spins on drives. It features one of the best varieties of golf balls from Bridgestone, a testament to the company’s commitment to ball fitting.

The reformulated mantle of the E6 golf balls features a lower side spin which results to pinpoint accuracy and longer distance. The dual dimple technology which is proprietary of Bridgestone provides superior aerodynamics as well as enhanced performance. They are among the golf balls in the market that come with a soft core design, allowing maximum compression which is perfect for players with a modest swing speed.

Why Buy the Product

The Bridgestone Golf 2013 E6 golf balls come with great features and that is the main reason why you should buy this product. The price is reasonable as well so despite its great features, you will not have to worry about spending a lot of money for these golf balls. These days, it is rare to find golf balls that come with excellent features at such a reasonable cost.

If you check online for reviews, you will find that a lot of customers are very much pleased with the performance of the Bridgestone Golf 2013 E6 golf balls. Plus the fact that they come with a free B330 RX sleeve, this pack of golf balls is definitely worth investing for.

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5 reviews for Bridgestone Golf 2013 E6 with B330 RX Bonus Sleeve Golf Balls (Pack of 15)

  1. Candice

    It has actually been a few years since I have enjoyed a round, and didn’t want to drop a ton of cash on a high end ball. Previously, I did not place any significance in the ball I made use of. I will certainly buy even more of these, I was really stunned to find out just how well they performed.

  2. Reda Hoylton

    For a low priced ball, they are great. It is a bonus that they have a soft feel. The fact that they are low spin and cheap means they are a must buy.

  3. Guillermo Pritzker

    I have been away from playing golf for quite a few years and didn’t plan to buy a high dollar golf ball to make use of on the very first outing. Just like most people that are beginning, they don’t place a lot of cash into their gear. However, this product was remarkable, it really helped my own game and I will certainly buy more of these.

  4. Clayton Mastrobuono

    I got all I could request, a ball which goes straight as well as provides me range. It has a good feel when you are putting also. I will be back for more once I use these ones up. Shipping and delivery was extremely fast.

  5. Meredith Bonny

    These balls are actually nice. It really is a bonus that they have a very soft feel. You actually can not do better than the cost, they are a real value.

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