Bridgestone Precept 2014 Tour B330-RX 1-Dozen Golf Balls

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Product Description

When it comes to excellent quality accessories and equipment, nobody does it better than Bridgestone. The company has been producing several great products ever since they started in 1931. They have a full range of golfing equipment, including balls.

Among the best models of golf balls that the company has made is the 2014 Tour B330 RX, under the brand name Bridgestone Precept. Just like with most of the products from Bridgestone, the ball comes with a lot of great features and innovative design. It’s no wonder why it has become so popular in the market these days.

Product Features

As mentioned, the B330 RX comes with several great features. It has the new Hydro core that is extremely soft and is well optimized to achieve a swing speed that is below 105 mph. Its cover is made of a urethane material that is 20 percent thinner than other types of cover. This feature helps to minimize the spin off the tee and thereby maintaining the Tour level control in the golf course. The mantle layer that the product comes with offsets the backspin in order to increase both the accuracy and the distance.

What Customers Say About the Product

When doing a bit of research online for the B330 RX, you’ll find that it has received several positive feedback from golfers. As a matter of fact, it has gained top ratings from the reviews written by those who have tried it. Most of the customers are pleased with the fact that the ball provides soft landing. Several customers have also written that it is of excellent quality and that it hits long while landing soft. For them, this is the best ball that any golfer should have in order to excel on the sport.


Those who want to be able to make it big in the world of golf should invest on the best accessories and equipment, such as the B330. The features stated above should be enough to convince you that the product is definitely worth investing for.

Furthermore, the reviews written by customers about the B330 are proof that the ball really does what it promises, which is delivering excellent performance in the green. And with all these excellent features, it’s surprising to know that the product will not cost you a lot of money. It is very affordable especially when bought online.

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3 reviews for Bridgestone Precept 2014 Tour B330-RX 1-Dozen Golf Balls

  1. Jose Borrow

    With regard to a brand new ball, this is the lowest price anywhere online. It is a soft lander which is actually a bonus. I buy them two boxes each time to get free postage.

  2. Noah Stieglitz

    On the web, this deal is the best. This is an excellent high-quality ball which hits long and lands soft. I can not envision using any other ball.

  3. Claudio Killough

    With regard to a brand new ball, this is actually the lowest price any where on the web. It’s a very soft lander which is a added bonus. I have been utilizing it for quite a while.

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