Bridgestone Precept 2014 Tour B330-S 1-Dozen Golf Balls

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Product Description

Bridgestone has been making lots of great quality sports accessories and equipment for several years now. The company, which is based in Covington, Georgia, was founded in 1931, and since then, they made quite a lot of excellent products. These include golf related accessories such as the balls. So if you are in need of highly reliable golf balls that you can use in the golf course, it is best to check out the Tour B330 S from Bridgestone Precept.


You can expect a lot of amazing features from the B330 S. First of all, it has that gradational compression core technology which improves the overall speed. Next, it features a dual mantle design which results to a reduced spin but leads to a much higher launch towards the driver as well as the long irons.

Moreover, the balls are made from a very soft urethane cover material that is Tour proven. This feature is what makes the ball achieve excellent greenside control. The B330 S is also known for its Dual Dimple design which leads to a consistent flight in the green.

What Others Say About the Product

A lot of customers are very pleased with the performance of the B330 S. In fact, in most of the reviews online, you will find that so many golfers have a lot of great things to say about the product. Some of them have also said that they have been using the ball for several years now and they are very satisfied with its performance. In addition, it has an incredible club feel and helps players to be able to achieve excellent control in the green. It also allows them to accomplish great distance on the tee.


One way to tell if a product is really good is by reading the reviews and feedback of those who have used the product themselves. For the B330 S, several customers have written good things about the ball which goes to show that the product is really great. The features that the ball comes with are all excellent and these are not available on other brands and models. With this, it is therefore safe to conclude that the B330 S from Bridgestone Precept is definitely worth trying if you’re looking to improve your game. Each pack comes in a dozen so you’ll have plenty of spare in case some of them will be lost in the course.

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3 reviews for Bridgestone Precept 2014 Tour B330-S 1-Dozen Golf Balls

  1. Augustine Bruegman

    For 2 years I personally use this ball when golfing. This ball has got incredible club feel. I get great control near the green, as well as great distance off of the tee.

  2. Hunter Skinkle

    This ball continues to be my primary ball during the last couple of years. It has got a good feeling whenever I smack it. I really feel like I obtain good distance off the tee as well as really good control on and near the links.

  3. Romona Plourd

    Pro players would not use these, but for the regular golf player, they work great. Could not tell a big difference from higher priced balls.

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