Bridgestone Precept Laddie X 2-Dozen Golf Balls

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Product Description

A lot of golfers are very much particular with the type of golfing accessories that they bring on the course and this applies to everything, including the golf ball. It is for this reason why the Precept Laddie X are in great demand in the market nowadays. This model are known for their great features which result to an excellent performance on the greens, something that every golfer would definitely want their golfing ball to offer.


  • It comes with a two piece Surlyn cover.
  • It features a muscle fiber core with highly enhanced velocity.
  • It comes with the new 372 wind cheating dual dimple design.
  • The cover features the Touch n Control Ionomer cover.
  • They produce hot distance on the driver during high launch.
  • It penetrates flight and has soft greenside control.
  • There is a distinctive combination of the Muscle Fiber core and Surlyn cover.
  • They provide excellent touch and great control.

Product Information

The Bridgestone Laddie X will take your game higher. This pack comes with a total of 24 and each of them has a distinctive design, perfect for professionals, amateurs, as well as recreational golfers. The Precept Laddie X are designed to produce greater speed as well as faster rise off of your drive and this ensures a mild greenside control.

The Precept Laddie X White are covered in surlyn has a core of muscle fiber that result to excellent feel and control. The core distorts when hit off of a drive, thereby reducing the rotation and increasing the distance of your drives as well. These features provide you with the advantages that you need to win your matches.

Why Buy the Product

There are lots of reasons why you should choose the Precept Laddie X out of all the other models in the market. As stated above, they come with a lot of excellent features and some of these features are those that you will not usually find on other brands and models.

Aside from the excellent features, the Precept Laddie X are of great quality as well. The ball hits long but lands soft on the greens. A lot of customers can attest to the durability and if you read some reviews online, you will find that most customers have been using their Precept Laddie X for several years.

Ladies who are looking for the best golf balls to use on the course should choose the Precept Laddie X. Most lady golfers are looking to get that long drive and this ball is perfect since they have a good feel in every launch. Every strike leads to great results. If you are in doubt, check out some of the reviews written by lady golfers about the Precept Laddie X and you will realize that this ball is indeed the best golf ball for you. Of course, they are perfect for men as well.

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8 reviews for Bridgestone Precept Laddie X 2-Dozen Golf Balls

  1. Jim

    Ok, usually I use Pro V1’s or other balls from Bridgestone. I came across this great ball. Ok, I just got done using them. They are just as good as my V1’s, but they are much cheaper. I am not the greatest golfer, and often lose balls. So, I am able to get all of the performance without all of the expense. This purchase turned out to be a “no-brainer” as I keep coming back and buying more of them. My buddies have tried them as well, and they think that they play as well as the best models from Titleist and Nike Platinum.

  2. Wilson

    I have been out of playing golf for a number of years and did not plan to buy a high dollar golf ball to make use of on the first outing. I never was a great golf player, and did not put much importance on the ball I was utilizing. I will certainly purchase more of them, I was extremely surprised to see just how well they performed.

  3. Marcy Francis

    Really nice. It is a perk that they’ve got a very soft feel. What a wonderful value, and also they are low spin.

  4. Leilani

    I actually require a ball which provides me distance. I have gotten excellent results with this ball. I have actually used numerous various models and this particular one is actually my preferred right now. Noodle Distance was my most liked, but this particular one is presently.

  5. Tarsha

    They hit very far as well as in a straight line. Great looking as well as responsive around the links, as well. This kind of ball had been a deal, and I will not forget about it. The deliver time had been super-quick.

  6. Nicky Hapgood

    For a new ball, this is the cheapest price anywhere online. A top quality ball such as this is really a blessing. No other ball compares.

  7. Hyman Base

    I am a girl golf player and generally hit a fairly long drive. I have gotten great results by using this ball. I poo-pooed them as soon as they were suggested to me, now they are among my favorite balls. Save a few dollars and go with this design if you’re paying much more for a distance ball.

  8. Luvenia Botdorf

    If you aren’t a scratch golfer, these work great for the price tag. I can’t differentiate between this particular ball and others that are a lot more high-priced.

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