Assorted Callaway B Grade Recycled Golf Balls (Value Pack of 48)


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Product Description

Using recycled balls is becoming a trend in the world of golf and a lot of golfers are now searching for the best brand of recycled golf balls to buy. Recycled golf balls are those balls that are often recovered from ponds and lakes and thus, these balls are the cheapest balls in the market.

Among these balls are the Callaway B Grade Recycled Golf Balls. Make no mistake about it. Despite being recycled, they are made of the highest grade so you can guarantee excellent performance from these balls.

Features of the Assorted B Grade Recycled Golf Balls from Callaway

  • Each pack comes with assorted models and styles.
  • Sold at very low prices since the balls are recycled.
  • Despite being recycled, the performance is not compromised.
  • Each of the golf balls is thoroughly cleaned, well inspected and meticulously washed.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Each pack contains a total of 24 individual golf balls.
  • Made of plastic and rubber materials.
  • The shell material is lonomer.
  • Filling material is made of rubber.
  • Golf balls are ideal for all ages and all types of golfer.
  • Can be easily wiped and cleaned using a damp cloth.
  • Weighs 2.5 pounds.
  • No assembly is needed.

Product Description

The Nitro golf balls from Callaway are recycled golf balls manufactured to the highest level of standards. It comes with a total of 48 assorted balls in different models and styles exclusive to the Callaway brand. Each ball comes with a variety of features and they are the cheapest among the golf balls in the market today.

The Assorted Callaway B Grade Recycled Golf Balls are popular among professional golfers although they are also recommended for amateur golfers and recreational golfers. The balls are made of thin Urethane cover with soft core material and have better hex aerodynamics which offer astounding stopping power on the flag. The golf balls are known to offer high velocity and have a soft touch on the greens.

Why Buy the Product

Those who are in need of affordable and excellent performing golf balls should choose the Nitro golf balls from Callaway. The balls are made from durable rubber and plastic material and features Ionomer shells that help to ensure great traction as you send the golf balls flying. The golf balls allow you to play at your best in the golf course.

A lot of golfers are hesitant to purchase recycled golf balls. But when they tried the Nitro golf balls from Callaway, they realized that recycled golf balls are not really bad after all. These recycled golf balls are of excellent quality and have a bright white color. As mentioned, the golf balls have gone through a thorough inspection, cleaning and washing.

What really attracted a lot of golfers into buying these Nitro golf balls from Callaway is their affordability, which is expected for most recycled golf balls. But what’s great about these balls is that they are excellent performing as well. Unlike other brands of recycled golf balls, these balls are definitely worth checking out.

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4 reviews for Assorted Callaway B Grade Recycled Golf Balls (Value Pack of 48)

  1. Draper

    I struck a very long drive, and as a girl golfer I need to make use of a ball that provides me distance. This ball features an excellent feel and great range. This ball is my favorite, and I have made use of a great deal of other designs. Noodle Distance had been my most liked, however this particular one is now.

  2. Tameika Aurora

    I did not want to invest a lot of cash on a high end ball given that I had not played in numerous years. In the past, I didn’t put any importance in the ball I utilized. These types of golf balls suit you perfectly and I will certainly get more to use.

  3. Rodrigo Mullenaux

    Okay, I have not played in over Three years, and the thought of investing more than a couple of dollars upon a ball had been unthinkable. Many people don’t invest a lot of money in their gear when they are beginning or starting up again. These golf balls fit the bill and I will buy more to use.

  4. Amiee Postell

    Ok, I have actually not played in about 3 years, and the idea of investing more than a few dollars upon a ball was out of the question. Just like many people which happen to be starting out, they don’t put a great deal of cash into their gear. I will certainly buy more of these, I was really stunned to see how well they performed.

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