Callaway Hex Black Tour Golf Ball (12 Pack)

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Product Description

Callaway is one brand that is a trusted name in the sport of golf. The company is based in the United States and they design and manufacture several different kinds of sports equipment. They sell their merchandise worldwide and because of the top notch quality, their name has become so popular among sports enthusiasts.

One of their best products is the Hex Black Tour golf ball. It is equipped with the best technology, helping golfers to improve on their game.

Product Features

As stated, this product is made with the best technology and excellent features. Among these is I-Core Technology, a feature that provides the most favorable spin separation from the tee and to the green. In addition to that, it features a very durable urethane cover which the company calls the DuraSpin cover. It also has mantles in both the outer and inner portion and is made of a combination of Surlyn and Ionomers that are being mixed in various ratios.

This results to the resiliency and rigidity of the mantle layers. Above all, it also features the exclusive HEX Aerodynamics feature which produces a hundred percent surface area coverage. Such feature results to a reduced drag and a stable and penetrating ball flight.

What Customers Say

Several reviews were written about this equipment, and the great thing is that most of these are praises and raves. Customers would recommend this ball to those who want to have an excellent range for their game. They said that it provides them good distance. Some golfers have tried other brands, yet they ended up switching back to Callaway for they certainly love its performance, especially the Hex Black Tour. Several golfers would agree that investing on this golfing equipment is certainly worth it.


With all the great things that have been said about it, it is easy to conclude that such product is certainly worthy of your hard earned money. Regardless of your skill level, this ball is certainly perfect. It helps players to be able to perform well in the golf course which of course translates to better scores. The features and technology that it comes with is top notch and you cannot find these on other brands and models in the market. If you’re still in doubt, just go ahead and try it yourself. You’ll be happy that you did. After all, it’s made by a trusted company.

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  1. Anissa Keeter

    I truly need a ball which gives me distance. If you really want excellent range like me, then this particular ball is perfect for you. I have actually utilized numerous various designs and this particular one is my favorite now. Noodle Distance was my preferred, however this particular one is now.

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