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Product Description

As a golfer, you should give utmost importance to the accessories that you will use in your game, including the golf balls. You cannot just use any kind of golf ball out there if you really want to do well in this sport. One of the brands of golf balls that will stand out is the Callaway and the HEX Solaire Golf Balls are definitely worth checking out.

Features of the HEX Solaire Golf Ball

  • HEX Aerodynamics help to promote lift with slower swing speed and minimize drag in order to maximize distance and achieve more carry.
  • It has a soft and resilient core that results to a very soft feel right on the club face and all over the greens.
  • They’re available in a unique 100% pure Callaway White or the High Visibility Pearlescent Pink shade.
  • All 12 golf balls have pearl luminous finish.
  • It features the newly re-engineered HEX Aerodynamics.
  • The ball is made with S-tech core that has very low compression and feels extremely soft on the club face while keeping the driver spin low in order to make the most of the distance.
  • It has a soft Trionomer cover that is a combination of three unique Ionomers.

Product Information

The HEX Solaire Golf Ball is among the golf balls from Callaway that are becoming more and more popular in the golfing industry. As you can see above, the golf ball comes with great features. The HEX Aerodynamics, which is an exclusive feature from Callaway, was re-engineered in order to produce a much better low speed lift in order to achieve more distance while maintaining the penetrating and stable ball flight which is a trademark of the HEX Aerodynamics. Its soft Trionomer cover is made of a combination of three Ionomers that maximize the speed of the ball even with extremely low ball compression and thereby offering a much improved greenside control.

The golf balls are designed to help players to achieve the most excellent balance of the distance on the greens and are especially suited for women that have slower swing speeds. The HEX Aerodynamics system that has a soft and resilient core provides more distance and increased carry but not being too firm. Its softer cover leads to more spin on the green and a much better feel which a lot of lady golfers would desire.

Why Buy the Product

The HEX Solaire Golf Ball is certainly one of those golf balls that are worth checking out. Women golfers love the vibrant pink color of the golf balls, which features a Pearlescent finish that makes the balls to appear clearly visible on the golf course. It certainly is one of the most elegant looking golf balls that women golfers will love to have.

If you are someone who is known to produce slower swing speeds in the golf course, then the HEX Solaire Golf Ball is perfect for you. As mentioned, it has a soft and resilient core and such was specifically formulated in order to result to an increased carry and distance in every swing.

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5 reviews for Callaway HEX Solaire Golf Ball -Pack of 12

  1. Olive

    This ball has been my main ball during the last few years. It has a really good feeling when I hit it. I get excellent control close to the green, as well as good distance off of the tee.

  2. Pablo Aloy

    On-line, this offer is the best. It is a true blessing to locate a high quality ball like this which hits long. I can’t envision making use of some other ball.

  3. Louie Zeff

    On the net, this offer is the best. It is a soft lander which is actually a added bonus. I’ve been making use of it for a long while these days.

  4. Kevin Toomsen

    You have found a ball that are an excellent value. I played 18 holes using the same ball and it wasn’t that marked up. My own handicap is actually 19.

  5. Shanel Herda

    I hit a long drive, and as a woman golf enthusiast I need to utilize a ball which gives me long distance. I have actually gotten great outcomes by using this particular ball. I poo-pooed all of them when they were recommended to me, but now they are one of my favorite balls. I cannot locate the Noodle Easy Distance any longer, that I loved a lot; and I also prefer the NIke Power Distance.

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