Callaway HX Diablo Tour Golf Balls (12 Pack, White)

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Product Description

Professional golfers are certainly familiar with the Callaway brand. The company has been making a lot of high quality products for several years now, which is what makes them so popular in the sports industry. Those who are in need of reliable golf balls to help improve on their game should check out the HX Diablo Tour from Callaway. This product is among the best that the company has ever made. It comes equipped with high tech features which help golfers with their practice resulting to a great performance during the tournament.

Product Features

This is among the latest products that the company has released in the market. The ball provides the excellent combination of control, distance and feel. It is a three piece performance ball which performs really well in the green. One of its great features is the Power Reaction Core. This core is so soft and gradually becomes firmer right on the outer edge portion which results to a lower spin off the driver, helping one to be able to achieve more distance and spin within the green. This feature also leads to a better control over your game.

Another great feature that the product is equipped with is the inner cover called the DuPont HPF. This feature helps to increase the speed and its soft cover results to an incredible feel. Like most of the golf balls from this brand, the HX Diablo Tour has the HEX Aerodynamics feature which minimizes the drag and leads to a stronger trajectory at varying wind conditions.

What Customers are Saying

If you check out the reviews written for the product, you will understand why it has become one of the most sought after golfing accessories in the market. One customer commented that ever since he started using the ball for his practice, he felt that he has greatly improved his performance. He concluded that the product is definitely terrific and the features that it comes with cannot be found on the previous balls he has used so far.


Callaway has proven that they are truly number one when it comes to sports accessories and equipment. The HX Diablo Tour is one proof that they are really doing a great job at providing the most excellent products for their customers. So if you want only the best for your game, then you should choose this brand and model.

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2 reviews for Callaway HX Diablo Tour Golf Balls (12 Pack, White)

  1. Melba Stolinski

    You’ve found a ball which are a great value. It absolutely was simple to strike it long. My own handicap is 20.

  2. Ashely Vittorio

    My wife wouldn’t let me invest a great deal on a ball. Personally, I never felt the ball had anything to do with my game anyhow. This product is terrific, I have actually never hit the ball as far before.

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