Callaway HX Hot Recycled Golf Balls (36 Pack)

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Product Description

When looking for the best golf balls to buy, all you simply need to do is to search for these golf balls online. When you do a search, one of the brands that will show up on the results is the Callaway, a brand that is known for creating the best golf balls that come with excellent features. Callaway creates a wide range of golf balls and they are also praised for producing the best recycled golf balls at such extremely low prices.

Features of the HX Hot Recycled Golf Balls from Callaway

  • Each package consists of a total of 36 recycled balls.
  • The balls are made from polybutadiene core material.
  • The balls feature a two piece construction that brings the golf balls hot off the clubface resulting to a higher velocity distance.
  • The Hex Aerodynamics construction has combined extreme playability and power to the ball.
  • the Thermoset Urethane cover has a high tech core that is soft and extremely durable
  • All the balls are recycled to the highest level of standards.
  • Each ball has a weight of 45.6 grams.
  • The ball size is 1.680 inches.
  • The core diameter is 1.516 inches.
  • The boundary layer material is made of Ionomer.
  • The boundary layer thickness is at 0.065 inches.
  • The cover material has a thickness of 0.018 inches.
  • The hardness of the cover material is 40 D.
  • The surface area coverage is 100 percent.
  • HEX Aerodynamics is used for the aerodynamics pattern of the ball.

Product Description

The HX Hot Recycled Golf Balls are among the most sought after golf balls from Callaway. The company has been in the industry for 25 years now and they have helped a lot of golfers to enjoy a fulfilling time in the golf course by producing the best golf accessories. The founder of the company understood the needs of every golfer, both professionals and amateurs, and it is the company’s desire to fulfill this every need. It is for this reason why the Callaway brand of golf balls will often be on top of the search results whenever you search for the best golf balls to buy.

The HX Hot Recycled Golf Balls are engineered to achieve more aggressive speed in every swing. Despite being recycled, all balls are in great condition for they were recycled by Callaway by following their very high and strict quality standards. The two piece construction of the ball leads to great distance and exceptional playability.

Why Buy the Product

You can simply ask any golfer who have tried using the HX Hot Recycled Golf Balls from Callaway and they will most likely tell you how great this product is. The golf balls have earned quite a lot of positive feedback online because of their outstanding features, such as the Hex Aerodynamics construction which leads to extreme playability and provides more power to the ball in every strike. Just like with other products from Callaway, you can guarantee extreme durability from these balls so they are definitely worth investing for.

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4 reviews for Callaway HX Hot Recycled Golf Balls (36 Pack)

  1. Lindsay

    On the web, this deal is the greatest. It is a blessing to locate a top quality ball such as this that hits long. I buy them 2 boxes at the same time to have free postage.

  2. Albert Bogie

    Excellent values like this are hard to locate. Hitting it long had been quite simple. My handicap is 20.

  3. Madeline Jemmett

    I struck a long drive, and as a lady golfer I need to use a ball which gives me distance. This ball is for you if you desire good range. I was down on them as soon as they were recommended to me, now they are one of my favorite balls. I can’t locate the Noodle Easy Distance anymore, which I liked a lot; and I likewise prefer the NIke Power Distance.

  4. Mikel Joss

    Whenever I go golfing I personally use this ball, and I have been using it for two years. This ball has got incredible club feel. When compared with various other balls I get really good long distance with this particular one.

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