Callaway Speed Regime 2 Golf Balls, White (Pack Of 12)

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Product Description

If you really want to excel in golf, then invest on the best golfing accessories and equipment. Thus, if you are in need of a good set of balls, then look for a brand that is known for providing only the best in the industry.

One of these brands is Callaway. The company has been in the business for several years now and they have been designing and manufacturing several different kinds of golfing equipment and accessories. One of the best products that they have ever made is the Speed Regime 2 golf balls. Read on to find out why a lot of golfers are lining up to buy them.

Product Features

Like most of the products from Callaway, there are lots of great features that one can find on this set. First off, it has a very soft feel and comes with a Tour Level control. Such soft cover leads to a Tour level control during approach shots and when making shots on the green.

The product is also known for its Ultimate in Spin Separation feature that is designed for a maximum swing speed. Its softer inner core produces low spin off the driver to achieve a much longer distance in the course. The stiffer outer core of the ball also produces higher spin rates that result to more spin and give you full control over your game while achieving aggressive stopping power during short irons as well as wedges.

What Customers are Saying

It is not enough to know the features of the merchandise to know if it is really great. Knowing what customers have to say about it is also important in order to verify if such product is really worth it or not. As for this set, you’ll find that most of the reviews written are positive. This is because most customers who have tried using the product can attest that the ball really performs well in the green.


Regardless of your skill level, the Speed Regime 2 is certainly a great product to buy. The features stated above should be enough reason why you should invest on these balls. Remember that in order to become a good golfer, you should be able to practice your game well and this can only be made possible if you’re using the right kind of ball. The reviews written by those who have tried the Regime 2 are also proof that the golf balls are really worth it.

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1 review for Callaway Speed Regime 2 Golf Balls, White (Pack Of 12)

  1. Pierre Deblase

    When I go golfing I personally use this particular ball, I have used it for two years. It has a really good feeling when I smack it. Compared to other balls I get good long distance with this particular one.

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