Callaway Warbird Recycled Golf Balls (36 Pack)


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Product Description

If you are looking for affordable golf balls to buy, then you may want to check out those recycled golf balls in the market, such as those balls made by Callaway. The Callaway Warbird Recycled Golf Balls are available in a pack of 36 golf balls and just like with the rest of the recycled balls, they are recovered mainly from ponds and lakes. Yet despite being recycled, they are of excellent quality and are in fact made from the highest grades of materials.

Features of the Warbird Recycled Golf Balls from Callaway

  • The core is made out of a mixture of Polybutadiene and Tungsten materials.
  • Each ball has 382 dimples that are precisely optimized.
  • Cover is made out of the proprietary Ionomer material.
  • Each ball features a two piece technology that is built entirely for distance.
  • Available in traditional white color.
  • The golf ball’s compression is at 90s.
  • It has a solid golf ball core.
  • These are low compression golf balls.
  • These are mild trajectory golf balls.

Product Information

The Warbird Recycled Golf Balls from Callaway features a 382 well-optimized dimple pattern. Its core is made out of the mixture of Tungsten and Polybutadiene and features the ionomer 2 piece technology that is essentially built for distance. These recycled golf balls soar in the air like they have wings in them. They have a high tech rubber core that is designed to blast the club face off in order to achieve a well sustained flight. The ionomer cover of the golf ball helps to give the ball a resilient flex as well as great stability.

Despite being recycled, the balls are able to deliver excellent velocity launch as well as a comfortable feel in every strike. If you are the kind who wants more distance, then the Warbird Recycled Golf Ball is what you are looking for. The golf balls offer the kind of distance that is just itching to get out. These balls were made by Callaway specifically for golfers who are seeking for a maximum speed and distance without having to spend a lot of money.

Why Buy the Product

Of all the recycled golf balls in the market, it is the golf balls from Callaway that have the highest level of standards and this is enough reason why you should consider buying the Warbird Recycled Golf Balls. All of the 36 golf balls in this pack are in excellent condition despite being recycled. The golf balls are also being praised for their great playability.

Featuring a two piece construction, the Warbird Recycled Golf Balls are definitely built for distance. So if you are like other golfers who prefer more distance in every launch, then this is the ball that you need. Furthermore, the Warbird Recycled Golf Balls feature an extremely soft high energy core that results to an astounding ball speed at a longer distance even with lower spin.

The Warbird Recycled Golf Balls from Callaway are definitely among the best in the market. In fact, if you search for reviews of recycled golf balls online, these golf balls are often first on the list.

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4 reviews for Callaway Warbird Recycled Golf Balls (36 Pack)

  1. Darell

    Range as well as goes in a straight line. Excellent looking and responsive around the greens, too. I will certainly remember this ball, and I don’t buy very many which are this inexpensive, because I commonly believe they’re cheap. Shipping was extremely fast.

  2. Tai Broadhurst

    Distance is very important to me, as I want to hit a long drive. This ball is for you if you really want excellent range. I have actually made use of lots of various designs and this particular one is actually my favorite now. I no longer have to purchase Nike Power Distance, and invest even more.

  3. Leila Clery

    I have actually really been out of playing golf for a number of years and did not want to buy a high dollar golf ball to make use of on the first outing. Personally, I never ever felt the ball had anything to do with my own game anyhow. I will certainly buy even more of these, I was extremely surprised to see just how well they performed.

  4. Eldon Whitter

    This ball continues to be my main ball during the last few years. Whenever I smack it with my club, it feels good. I really feel like I obtain good range off the tee and really good control on as well as near the green.

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