Chromax High Visibility Distance Golf Ball, Gold


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Product Description

While most golfers are not very particular with the color of their accessories and equipment, some players would actually love to have bright colors for their things, such as the golf balls. If you are one of those players who want a bright colored ball to be used in the green, then check out the High Visibility distance ball from Chromax. They come in the bright shade of gold that will sure to glimmer in the green. Aside from its attractive color, the ball is also known for having the best features which help to improve your game.

Product Features

What makes the product to stand out is perhaps its attractive metal finish which glimmers in the green. Chromax has been successful in introducing such a unique design which helps golfers to be able to easily keep track of them while flying in the air and rolling in the course.

Their reflective finishes are available in various color choices, making them to stand out from the usual all white color. It provides great advantage to golfers who often lose a lot of their balls all because they cannot keep track of them in the course. This also helps to reduce the amount of time in searching and helps players to easily correct their manner of swing. What’s also great is that they are manufactured in conformity to the USGA.

What Customers are Saying

Customers have nothing but great words for these high visibility balls from Chromax. If you read their reviews, you’ll find that they are very pleased with their performance in the green. In fact, a lot of customers would highly recommend the product. It is perfect for all golfers of all skill level, especially those who are very particular with the color and design of their golfing accessories. These accessories greatly suit their purpose and will help you to perform even better.


If you’re currently looking for the best balls to buy to help you with your golf practice, then why not be different this time? Instead of relying on those traditional white colored golfing accessories, be bold enough to experiment and choose these instead. But it is not only the color that makes the product to stand out. As stated above, they perform really great in the golf course and they are what you need in order to be able to practice your game well.

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  1. Gerardo Stailey

    I didn’t plan to spend a lot of money on a high end ball given that I had not played in a number of years. Just like many people that happen to be beginning, they don’t put a great deal of money into their gear. These types of golf balls suit your purposes and I will certainly get even more to utilize.

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