Chromax M1 Brilliant Metallic SILVER Golf Balls – 3 Ball Tube


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Product Description

Some people thought that a golf ball is just a small piece of equipment that will not impact your ability to play your game. But the truth is that this equipment is actually very important. This is the reason why in todays modern day and age, you will find several balls that come with highly innovative features. One of these is the M1 Brilliant Metallic Silver golf balls from Chromax. The brand is familiar among golfers since they have also created a lot of great products that can help any golfer of all skill levels.

Product Features

Just by looking at the product, it’s easy to tell that it is indeed a modern day ball. Unlike those traditional white colored balls, M1 comes with a metallic silver cover that glitters brilliantly. This makes it easily identifiable in the green and you’ll not have a hard time in looking for it right after your game. It is ideal for golfers of all skill levels, regardless of the age and gender.

The product is certainly unique. With their reflective covers, you can easily distinguish them from the rest of the balls that are flying in the air and rolling in the grass. With this feature, there is no longer a need to worry about losing it regardless of how far it might fly.

M1 is a lower compression ball which performs extremely well during lower speed of swings. The product is made in accordance to the regulations set by the USGA.

What Customers Say About the Product

A lot of customers are impressed with the M1 Brilliant Metallic Silver golf balls from Chromax. For them, the product is worth investing for because aside from its attractive looks, it has a really soft feel. It has a low spin and hits very long. Customers are also happy with the fact that the product does not come with a hefty price tag. It is in fact among the cheapest in the market.


Never underestimate the need for a good golf ball. Remember that they could affect your ability to play in the green. If you want something that can help you to improve on your performance, then this is the perfect ball for you. But aside from its great performance, one thing that you will love about it is its unique modern day design that will certainly make you stand out. As for the price, that is the last thing you have to worry about since this product is so affordable.

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  1. Mike Lerow

    I struck a long drive, and as a girl golf enthusiast I need to utilize a ball which offers me range. I really like these balls due to the fact that they’ve got a great feel when I struck them and then get excellent outcomes. I no longer get any of the other models. Noodle Distance was my preferred, but this particular one is now.

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