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Product Description

Looking for the best golf ball to invest in is not that easy especially if you are new to this game. If you search online, you will find some brands claiming to have a longer distance and more spin, while others would claim they have long distance and super feel. Others will also say that theirs provide ultimate distance and excellent control.

But there is actually no need to be confused about all these. What is important is that you‘re buying something that suits you and that it is something that can help to enhance your performance. The M2 75 compression balls from Chromax are definitely worth checking out. Read on to find out more information about this product.

Product Features

What makes the product to stand out from the rest is its brilliant metallic color. You’ll rarely find this kind of ball in the market now and the biggest advantage of it is that you can easily spot them in the green. They are perfect for those that have slower and medium swinging speeds. With this ball, there’s no need to worry about losing them in the course since they will certainly stand out.

Each ball features a 75 compression that provides excellent distance and extremely soft feel. They are also approved by USGA for golf tournament and competition.

What Customers Say About the Product

A lot of great things have been said about the M2 75. One review states that the ball has excellent features and great feel with a good range. There are also lady golfers that would highly recommend the ball to other lady golfers, although the balls are suitable to any type of player, regardless of the gender and skill level.  Some golfers can also attest that the product performs extremely well and has an incredible club feel. But what most of them really love is the brilliant metallic cover of the ball which is really attractive.


Even if you consider yourself a beginner or a newbie in the game of golf, you should make sure to invest on the right type of golf ball. Remember that this small piece of equipment could affect the way you perform during your game. If you want a high performing and great looking golf ball, then look no more. This M2 75 compression balls are all you need. They are of excellent quality too and will not cost a lot of money.

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2 reviews for Chromax M2 75 Compression Golf Balls

  1. Vito Mihaliak

    For the last couple of years I’ve used this ball. It has got a good feeling when I hit it. Straight from the tees I obtain good distance.

  2. Violeta Fillinger

    This ball will go far and straight. It has an excellent feel when you’re putting also. Whenever I use all these up, I will certainly be back for even more. They arrived ahead of schedule!

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