New Nike Golf 2013 20Xi Golf Balls *1-Dozen*

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Product Description

When choosing the right golf ball to buy, you will certainly be given with a wide range of choices especially if you search for them online. The prices would greatly vary as well, including the features that the product comes with.

If you’re really serious about winning your game, then choose the brand that has been known to provide the best quality products. One of these is Nike. As you know, Nike has been hailed number one when it comes to sportswear and accessories. Among the latest products that the brand has released in the market in 2013 is the 20Xi golf ball, which comes equipped with great technology and excellent features.

Product Features

As stated, the product has excellent features and this is because it combines the tour level control as well as the longer distance, resulting to an improved feel and an enhanced short game control. With this technology, you can expect an ultimate tour performance. The ball features a wider and softer RZN core that is equipped with a faster RZN mantle that helps to maximize the speed and optimize the spin.

It has a tour proven resin chemistry, exclusive to Nike, and offers a faster ball speed for a much longer distance. It is also known to have the highest moment of inertia which leads to a consistent and stable ball flight.

What Customers Say About the Product

Like most products from Nike, the 20Xi golf ball has earned excellent ratings coming from consumer reviews online. A lot of customers would agree that it is made of excellent quality materials and investing on these balls is definitely worth it. The features that it comes with cannot be found on other brands of golf ball and its performance is way better than the rest. Golfers who have tried the product can attest that it has a really soft feel and they have a lower spin.


You can never go wrong with Nike. It’s no wonder why the brand has remained successful despite the fact that they have been in the industry for several years now. So if you’re looking for the best ball to help you to perform better in your game, the 20Xi is worth checking out.

As stated above, it comes with high tech features, something that you cannot find on other brands of golf ball. Plus the fact that it has earned excellent ratings online means that the product is really worth your hard earned money.

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3 reviews for New Nike Golf 2013 20Xi Golf Balls *1-Dozen*

  1. Sau Limoges

    This item is great. It is a perk that they have a very soft feel. They are low spin and also you can not do better than the price range.

  2. Theo Karlgaard

    This is actually the cheapest price anywhere for brand new golf balls. This is a good high-quality ball that hits very long and lands very soft. It is my go to ball.

  3. Dane Schaubert

    These products hit far as well as in a straight line. Excellent looking as well as responsive around the golf greens, too. I will remember this ball, and I don’t buy very many which are this low priced, as I often think they are cheap. They showed up ahead of schedule!

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