Nike Golf PD Long Power Distance Golf Balls, Orange

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Product Description

There are lots of factors that a golfer will have to consider when looking for the best ball to buy. You cannot just buy any kind of ball that you will find in the market. You must first determine if it has the right features and if it can help to improve your game. Reading reviews online can greatly help in determining the best product to buy. One of the products that have earned a lot of positive reviews and have received excellent ratings is the golf long power distance balls from Nike. It comes equipped with excellent features that can certainly help to improve your game regardless of your skill level.

Product Features

The long power distance ball is capable of delivering faster speed at a maximum distance. It can also hit much longer distances. Even women golfers can benefit from it by adding a few dozen yards to their drives. It is the best ball that provides an excellent responsive feel on the irons, as well as a penetrating flight with an added roll. Here are other features that you can expect from the product.

  • It has high velocity core.
  • Made of a hardwearing Ionomer cover.
  • Comes with 314 dimpled aerodynamics.
  • Each pack comes with a dozen golf balls.

What Customers Say About the Product

As stated, reading reviews from customers online can help you in making the best decision when it comes to buying golf balls. If you’ll go online and search for reviews written by customers for this product, you’ll find that a lot of them are satisfied with its performance. One customer said that you can hit them long and that they have an extremely soft feel. The balls also have low spin control and are suitable for just about any kind of golfer. And despite it being produced by the number one brand of sportswear in the market, the product does not cost a lot of money.


If you’re in need of a reliable golf ball, those that are made by Nike should be first on the list. These long power distance balls will certainly not disappoint you. As you can see, the balls have the best features that you cannot find on other brands. With this, you can be guaranteed that you’ll be able to perform well in the golf course. Beginners as well as professional golfers can certainly benefit from the ball.

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4 reviews for Nike Golf PD Long Power Distance Golf Balls, Orange

  1. Robin Buffkin

    I struck a long drive, and as a lady golf enthusiast I need to make use of a ball that offers me long distance. This ball features a good feel and good range. This ball is my preferred, and I have utilized a great deal of other models. This model replaced my Nike Power Distance ball.

  2. Jarred Kuhs

    During the last few years I’ve played with this ball. This particular ball has incredible club feel. Compared to various other balls I obtain really good distance with this one.

  3. Malik Corlee

    When I go golfing I personally use this particular ball, and I have used it for two years. This ball has got incredible club feel. When compared with various other balls I get good long distance with this particular one.

  4. Damien Mcmurry

    I managed to get all I could request, a ball that goes in a straight line and offers me distance. It’s got an excellent feel when you’re putting as well. This ball had been a bargain, and I will not forget about it. The deliver time was quick.

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