Nike Golf PD Soft Power Distance Golf Balls, White

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Product Description

Having a good golf ball can certainly help a golfer to achieve excellent performance in the green. But the question that a lot of beginners would often ask is - how can you tell if a ball is good? The problem with most beginners is that they do not give that much importance on this small piece of equipment for they thought that it will not affect their performance in their game. But all golfers should know that this equipment plays an important role in every game and therefore, you have to make sure to choose the best one out there. If you are currently in the process of looking for a good ball to invest in, the Nike Golf PD Soft Power Distance golf balls are worth checking out.

Product Features

The PD soft power distance from Nike features a lower compression with a softer feel. The balls are able to produce exceptional distance on the tee and come with an excellent feel with a highly improved game control as well as a consistent flight. Here are the best features that the product is equipped with.

  • Features a soft compression core material.
  • Made of a softened Ionomer cover.
  • It has a 314 dimple aerodynamics design.
  • Features a two piece ball construction.
  • Each pack includes a dozen balls.

What Customers Say About the Product

If you happen to check out the reviews written for the product, you will find that customers have nothing but good words for it. For them, the ball has the most excellent quality material and it has a great performance as well. They have a soft feel and are low spin. They do not cost a lot of money so they’re perfect for those who are trying to save. Golfers of all skill levels have written their own views of the ball and most of them would agree that this is the best ball they have owned so far.


The Nike Golf PD Soft Power Distance golf balls will not receive several positive reviews if it is not a great ball. The fact that a lot of customers are satisfied with its performance means that these balls are doing a great job. The features and technology that Nike has incorporated on these balls are topnotch which explains its excellent performance. Its durable material is another reason why you should invest on this type of golf ball.


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4 reviews for Nike Golf PD Soft Power Distance Golf Balls, White

  1. Florentino Matton

    On-line, this deal is the best. A high quality ball such as this is really a blessing. No other ball compares.

  2. Ryan Ostrum

    Pro players wouldn’t make use of these, but with regard to the typical golfer, these work great. I can’t differentiate among this ball and others that are much more high-priced.

  3. Anibal Gervasio

    This product is nice. They have a very soft feel and they are plenty long. The simple fact that they’re low spin and low-cost means they are a must buy.

  4. Broderick Sall

    I have actually been away from golfing for quite a few years and didn’t want to purchase a high dollar golf ball to use on the very first outing. I never was a great golf player, and didn’t place much importance on the ball I was utilizing. However, this item was fantastic, it truly helped my game and I will certainly buy more of these.

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