Nike Golf Power Distance Long Golf Balls

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Product Description

As a golfer, you should know that not all golf balls are created equal. If you want something that can help to improve your game, then you should give utmost attention to the covering material, features, core structure, type, compression rates and the brand of the ball.

Keep in mind that the manner of your swing and the level you play should be suitable to the ball that you will use. Given these factors, one of the best products to check out is the Nike golf power distance long golf balls. These are high performing balls produced by the world’s number one brand when it comes to sportswear and accessories.

Product Features

The Nike power distance long is optimized for golfers that have high swinging speeds as well as a thriving drive. These balls are equipped with high velocity core and feature a dimpled design which helps to minimize the drag to achieve more distance on the tee.  Here are some of the features that you can expect from this product.

  • Features a sharp ball flight with an added roll.
  • Well optimized for golfers that have higher swing speeds as well as a booming drive.
  • Equipped with high velocity core as well as a dimple design feature which helps to lessen the drag in order to achieve more distance in the green.
  • It has a great responsive feel off the irons.
  • It’s equipped with high velocity core.

What Customers Say About the Product

Most of the products that Nike has created have earned excellent ratings and these golf balls are of no exception. As for the golfers who have tried using the balls, they claim that it helped them to be able to achieve longer distance and that the ball has a good feel as well as a good range. A lot of golfers would highly recommend the ball out of the various brands and models of golf balls in the market. In fact, lady golfers would choose this ball since it provides them an even longer distance off the tee.


Nike has been in the market for so long now and they have been praised for producing some of the best quality sportswear and accessories. So if you really want a great ball to help you in your game, the power distance long golf balls from Nike should be first on your list. It has all the features that you would need in order to be able to perform better in your game.

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2 reviews for Nike Golf Power Distance Long Golf Balls

  1. Barbara Troller

    These types of balls are great. You are able to hit them long, and they’ve got a soft feel. The simple fact that they are low spin and low-cost makes them a have to buy.

  2. Curt Livsey

    My wife wouldn’t allow me to invest a great deal on a ball. I never ever was a great golf player, and did not place much significance in the ball I had been utilizing. These types of golf balls suit you perfectly and I will certainly buy more to use.

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