Nike Mojo 2-Dozen Golf Balls

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Product Description

Nike is one of the most famous brands of sporting goods and accessories so when it comes to golf balls from Nike, you can be sure that these balls are truly among the best. Nike Golf is the golf division company of Nike and has been producing several different kinds of golf related accessories and equipment for several years now. Among the golf balls that Nike Golf has created are the Mojo Golf Balls that are available in a pack of two dozen balls.

Features of the Mojo 2-Dozen Golf Balls from Nike

  • These golf balls result to long distances.
  • They have an extremely soft and feel good cover.
  • They come with an alignment aid.
  • These are two piece multi-layer designed golf balls.
  • They are low compression.
  • They are available in two dozen packages.
  • The color is traditional white.
  • The cover material is Surlyn.
  • They are ideal for men golfers of any skill level.
  • The balls have a more powerful core.

Product Information

The Mojo Golf Balls from Nike are known for being an extremely long golf ball with powerful core and extremely soft cover. These 2 piece multi layered golf balls come with a Surlyn cover as well as Polybutadiene core that lead to excellent performance in the golf course.

The golf balls are ideal for golfers who take their game seriously while having fun at the same time. The golf balls have low compression and a magic core that provide maximum distance with a softened Ionomer cover that results to a softer touch and feel.

Although the golf balls are made specifically for male golfers, the balls are actually suitable to women golfers as well. This applies to golfers of all skill levels. Its powerful core design leads to an explosive distance in every swing you make. The cover of the ball provides a superior soft feel and the alignment aid on the side generates confidence when you’re trying to sink a birdie.

Why Buy the Product

The Nike Mojo Golf Balls are highly recommended for golfers at any skill level who are looking to add an extra distance to their drives. Each of the balls has two layers and comes with design elements that help to enhance the overall performance in the golf course. Moreover, the multi layer design of the ball means that they can work well for any skill level.

Another reason why you should choose to buy these golf balls is because the balls have that powerful core that produces an incredible distance off the tee or on the fairway. The outside cover of the golf ball gives them that extremely soft feel which is important when making putts on the green. The white colored golf balls come with alignment aid on the side which generates on the line putts and gives players more confidence. If you want to find out more information about the Nike Mojo Golf Balls, there are several customer reviews online that you can refer to.

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5 reviews for Nike Mojo 2-Dozen Golf Balls

  1. Stewart

    Distance is extremely important in my experience, as I wish to hit a very long drive. I like these balls since they have a great feel when I struck them and get good outcomes. This ball is actually my most liked, and I have made use of a great deal of other designs. I cannot find the Noodle Easy Distance any longer, which I loved a whole lot; and I likewise like the NIke Power Distance.

  2. Alphonse Pequeno

    They’re very good, and the cost is right. It is a bonus that they have a very soft feel. You really can’t do better than the price, they are a real value.

  3. Lincoln Pica

    If you aren’t a scratch player, all these get the job done perfect for the price tag. Personally I have tried expensive models and I cannot identify the difference.

  4. Jaquelyn Boyea

    Distance and goes in a straight line. It really is really responsive upon the links. I will return for even more once I use all these ones up. Shipping had been really quick.

  5. Katharina Staehle

    If you’re not a scratch golfer, these work great for the price tag. There are numerous expensive products however these ones aren’t a whole lot and do just nearly as good of a job.

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