Srixon Men’s Q-Star Golf Balls (1-Dozen)


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Product Description

You are probably new in the world of golf and you are looking for the best golf balls to buy. This quest might turn out difficult for you given the number of choices available in the market. These days, you can simply go online and search for just about any kind of stuff and you will easily be able to find them. This goes the same with the golf balls and if you do a search for the best golf balls, it is the Srixon Mens Q-Star Golf Balls that will be sure to come up.

Features of the Srixon Men’s Q-Star Golf Balls

  • The Q-Star model was released in 2013.
  • This is a performance distance golf ball type.
  • They are available in a package of one dozen golf balls.
  • The cover material features the Spin Skin coating.
  • They are ideal for male golfers of all skill levels.
  • The balls are known for their excellent spin, great trajectory, responsiveness and acceleration.
  • The balls feature a 324 advanced aerodynamic dimpled pattern.
  • They offer superior soft feel and visual performance.
  • They are available in Tour Yellow and Pure White colors.

Product Information

The Q-Star Golf Balls from Srixon have the perfect combination of distance off the tee as well as spin control on the greens. They also have that superior soft feel and excellent visual performance since they are available in the shades of white or yellow. The Q-Star Golf Balls are among the most advanced two piece golf balls in the market today.

The Q-Star is designed for golfers who want an all ability ball that has excellent performance. The golf ball’s performance is being referred to as “STAR”, which means Spin, Trajectory, Acceleration as well as Responsiveness. Such performance enhances the ball’s total playability in every shot, allowing players to shoot with lower scores.

The highly improved and energetic growth off the ball’s core leads to the increase of the golf ball’s launch ability while maintaining their greenside performance at the same time. The 324 highly advanced aerodynamic dimpled pattern of the golf balls help to lessen the drag while providing a more consistent trajectory at the same time. It also provides distance control as well as dispersion in every shot.

Why Buy the Product

Although the Q-Star Golf Balls from Srixon were made specifically for the male golfers, they are actually ideal for just about any golfer, regardless of the skill level. So if you are looking for the best golf balls to buy, then go ahead and give these golf balls a try.

What makes the golf balls to stand out from the rest of their competitors is their “STAR” performance. These golf balls help to improve total playability in every launch and increase your ability to shoot lower scores. The golf balls also have that strong and high trajectory evident in its 344 dimpled pattern that has advanced aerodynamics. The cover of the golf balls feature a coating which Srixon called the Spin Skin and is said to generate 20 percent more friction that leads to more spin and feel without the need to sacrifice the distance.

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6 reviews for Srixon Men’s Q-Star Golf Balls (1-Dozen)

  1. Cherry

    Distance as well as goes in a straight line. Puts very well too. I will certainly be back for more once I use all these ones up. I really liked the quick shipping.

  2. Annie Bradway

    Okay, I have actually not played in about Three years, and the thought of spending a lot more than a few bucks on a ball was out of the question. I never ever was a good golfer, and didn’t put much importance on the ball I had been utilizing. This product is excellent, I have actually never hit the ball as far previously.

  3. Crystle Bolinder

    Great values such as this are hard to locate. I played 18 holes using the same ball and it wasn’t that beat up. I’m a 15 handicap.

  4. Carlena Yochum

    This offer is the greatest on the web. It is a true blessing to find a top quality ball like this that hits very long. Hardly any other ball compares.

  5. Eugenio Hayashida

    This item is great. It really is a perk that they’ve got a soft feel. The simple fact that they are low spin and inexpensive makes them a must buy.

  6. Jesus Brazie

    I really require a ball that offers me distance. In the event you really want great distance just like me, then this ball is for you. Right now, this ball is my preferred, I do not purchase any one of the others. Save a few bucks and choose this model if you’re spending more for a distance ball.

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