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Product Description

There are so many different kinds of golf balls that you can find in the market these days. This is why choosing the best golf balls can be a bit difficult. Most of the balls have the same features and characteristics so if you are someone who is new to the game, deciding which balls to buy might be confusing. Your dilemma could end right here by choosing the Soft Feel Golf Ball from Srixon.

Features of the Soft Feel Golf Ball from Srixon

  • It’s a regular golf ball type.
  • It comes with a two layer construction.
  • Each pack consists of a dozen balls.
  • It’s made in conformance to the United States Golf Association.
  • These two piece golf balls perform up to 70 plus miles per hour on swing speeds.
  • It has an excellent soft feel and an even greater distance.
  • The cover is made of Pana-Tetra which is a highly enhanced resilient ionomer cover.
  • The dimpled pattern means enhanced aerodynamics at greater distance.
  • It’s available in Tour Yellow and Pure White colors.

Product Information

The Soft Feel Golf Ball from Srixon is made specifically for the male golfers but the balls are also great for different types of players regardless of the skill level. They are also perfect for golfers that have low swing speeds. Its soft core helps to maximize the energy transfer to achieve greater distance with softer feel from the tee and into the greens. The Soft Feel feature of the ball provides a resilient core that becomes progressively softer towards the center.

The lonomer cover delivers a greater ball speed with lower spin off the driver to achieve an incredible distance and incredibly soft feel. The higher trajectory as well as the greater lift force result to a higher and longer ball flight that would turn out effortless for golfers of any skill level. The soft feel of the Srixon golf balls provides a soft and monstrously long swing and those with slower swing speeds will no longer have to trade distance for an exceptional feel.

Why Buy the Product

The Soft Feel Golf Ball from Srixon is among those golf balls that come with great features and this is enough reason why you should buy these golf balls. The highly resilient and energetic growth core helps to maximize the energy transfer which results to an even greater distance and soft feel. The 324 dimple pattern helps to reduce drag during flight which results to an even greater distance. The alignment aid of the ball gives a clear path towards the intended target. Furthermore, its higher trajectory and greater lift force can result to a higher and longer ball flight with less effort.

Another reason to buy the golf ball is that it is among the balls that has earned quite an excellent reputation in the market. A lot of consumers love the fact that the golf balls promote an ideal high launch angle in low spin launch conditions for all types of golfers, while its lower compression provides great feel and high velocity to golfers with lower swing speeds.

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I have actually been away from playing golf for a number of years and didn’t plan to purchase a high dollar golf ball to make use of on the very first outing. I never ever was a good golfer, and didn’t place much importance in the ball I was utilizing. I will purchase even more of these, I was really surprised to find out how well they worked.

During the last few years I have played with this ball. The actual club feel is remarkable with this particular ball. I feel like I get really good range from the tee as well as really good control on and close to the green.

This particular ball will go far and in a straight line. Whenever putting, it’s got a great feel. This kind of ball had been a deal, and I won’t forget it. Super-quick shipping time, too.

Tracy says:

You’ve found a ball that are a great value. It was easy to hit it long. I hope to improve my handicap, right now it’s at 15.