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Product Description

Srixon may not be the first brand that will come to your mind when thinking of golf balls and other accessories. But if you take a look at their line of products, you will find that they actually have some of the best products in the market. Their golf balls for instance, are hailed as among the top selling products in the industry. Several customers have written great reviews for the brand, so if you are looking for the best ball to buy, make it Srixon. For ladies, the womens soft feel line from the company would be highly recommended.

Product Features

The soft feel golf ball is ideal for all types of players, most especially those that have lower swing speeds. Its soft core feature helps to maximize the transfer of energy in order to achieve greater distance and softer feel. The ball is known for its resilient core which becomes progressively softer at the center and its Ionomer cover leads to a greater ball speed as well as lower spin on the drive. This leads to an incredible distance and an extremely amazing soft feel.

Remember that the higher the trajectory, the greater lift force you make. Thus, high and long ball flights would be effortless with this ball regardless of your skill level.

What Customers Say About the Product

You can definitely say that Srixon is well loved by a lot of customers since most of their products have earned excellent ratings online. The soft feel golf ball for women has certainly gained the attention of a lot of lady golfers worldwide, especially those who have lower swing speeds.

What really made it popular is its feminine and chic color which is available Passion Pink and Pure White. Above all, they especially love the fact that the balls do not cost a lot and each pack already includes a dozen.


Most ladies are very much particular with their accessories, including those that they use for their sport. For those who are fond of golfing, a lot of them would prefer their balls to be pink. If you’re one of them, then you definitely should choose the soft feel from Srixon. For aside from its attractive and chic shade, the product comes with excellent features that are ideal for a lady golfer. Not only will you stand out in the green, but you’ll also be able to improve your performance. What’s even greater is that you can easily see the balls regardless of where they will be flying to.

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