Srixon Z-STAR XV Tour Golf Ball, Yellow

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Product Description

All golfers should keep in mind that the type of ball that they use will greatly affect their performance. This is the reason why professional golfers would not hesitate to invest on the most expensive one because they know that this is for their own good. So if you are still trying to master your skills in the sport, then you should look for a great ball that can help to improve your skills.

Srixon is one company that is known for producing the best quality golf accessories and equipment and the Z-STAR XV Tour that they have developed is highly recommended.

Product Features

The Z-star series from Srixon is popular among golfers all over the world due to its technologically advanced features. They are among the best performing golf balls in the market and the product comes with two distinct tour offerings that were redesigned, reformulated and recalculated in order to produce the best tour performance of all time, on all of the clubs in the bag. Here are some of the best features that it comes with.

  • SpinSkin – this is a newly developed coating exclusive to Srixon which provides a highly improved spin control and great distance on the tee.
  • S-T-A-R Performance – this is a process of fine tuning the performance in order to enhance total playability in every shot.
  • Comes with a highly resilient, soft and large energetic gradient growth core.
  • 344 Speed Dimple Technology – the 344 speed dimple technology balances off the dimple surface coverage with great uniformity.
  • Dual core performance – makes use of the dual core construction in optimizing the combination of the spin and trajectory off the tee.

What Customers Say About the Product

The Z-star series from Srixon, including this Z Star XV, has gained excellent ratings from the consumer reviews online. If you read each review, you will notice that a lot of customers are pleased with the overall quality of the ball, especially its performance. For them, the ball has helped them to improve on their game.


If you need a high quality ball that can help to enhance your golfing skills, the Z Star XV is the perfect choice. But aside from helping you to enhance your game, it is made of high quality materials so you can expect great durability from this ball. And with all of the great reviews written for this product, there would be no reason why you will not choose this out of the various golf balls in the market now.

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