TaylorMade Lethal Golf Ball 12pk White

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Product Description

Some golfers will not give that much importance to their golf balls, thinking that they can just use any kind of golf ball out there for their game. But using the right kind of golf ball is actually important and the type of golf ball that you will use can actually make or break your game. So if you are looking for the best golf balls to buy, you should rely on the experts and that is the TaylorMade.

Features of the Lethal Golf Ball from TaylorMade

  • Ultimate performance in the golf course.
  • Equipped with a five layer technology that promotes ultimate spin off control for every club.
  • Features a seamless Low Drag Performance (LDP) dimpled pattern which promotes a penetrating flight.
  • Traditional white urethane cover that promotes excellent feel as well as a Tour quality spin.
  • Progressive velocity that results in an outstanding velocity in any speed of the swing.
  • Part of the TaylorMade Golf 2013 golf ball lineup and will replace the Penta TP golf ball.
  • 322 dimpled pattern.

Product Information

The Lethal Golf Ball from TaylorMade gives you an ultimate performance with its revolutionary five layer construction. It also boasts of a progressive velocity technology as well as a seamless Low Drag Performance 322 dimpled pattern that promotes a game changing performance in the golf course. The golf balls creates the most penetrating and wind defying flight with the kind of greenside spin and feel which professional golfers often demand.

The Lethal Golf Ball has been subjected to testing for cover hardness, compression and weight and the results are exemplary. The golf ball exhibits a mid range launch as well as a slightly higher spin off for all clubs, as compared with other golf balls in the market. In addition, the Lethal Golf Balls are firm and spin rates are not reduced which is often the case.

The spin rate of the golf ball is at 50 -150 RPM, and as for the 6-iron testing, the golf ball exhibits less spin with slightly longer carry distance. The bench testing of the golf ball indicates that the golf balls have an overall compression of 104 points.

Why Buy the Product

There are lots of reasons why a lot of golfers would choose to buy the Lethal Golf Ball from TaylorMade out of all the brands of golf balls that are all over the Internet now. Golfers are pleased with the excellent performance of the ball, yet it costs way cheaper than other brands. The cover of the Lethal Golf ball appears thinner yet they are very durable. According to reviews, the golf ball is long and straight and has a nice feel and solid hit.

Many consider this golf ball as a great alternative to those higher priced golf balls that are all over the market now. The traditional white color of the golf ball is also something that customers love because it shines so bright that it is not hard to notice the ball.

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6 reviews for TaylorMade Lethal Golf Ball 12pk White

  1. Sophie

    For a brand new ball, this is actually the best deal anywhere online. A very long ball like this is great in fact it is a soft lander as well. It is my go to ball.

  2. Juliet Bly

    Very far as well as in a straight line, that’s all I can request. It is extremely responsive on the golf greens. When I use all these up, I will be back for even more. Quick delivery time, too.

  3. Estela Rideaux

    Range is very important to me, as I wish to hit a long drive. This ball is for you if you want great distance. I no longer get any one of the other designs. Save a few dollars and choose this model if you’re spending more for a distance ball.

  4. Risa Havermale

    All these get the job done great for the price if you are not a scratch player. It does a good job.

  5. Adrian Mcmanus

    If you are a avid consumer, you already know that this is the best deal. It is a very soft lander which is a added bonus. I’ve been making use of it for several years.

  6. Ilona Hartnell

    I got all I could possibly ask for, a ball that goes in a straight line as well as provides me distance. Great looking as well as responsive round the golf greens, too. This kind of ball had been a deal, and I will not forget about it. The ship time had been quick.

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