TaylorMade Noodle+ 2012 Golf Balls (15 Pack)


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Product Description

You will find that there are so many golf balls that are being sold all over the market now and it is just hard to tell which of these balls you should buy. But if you want a golf ball that will stand the test of time and will perform better in the golf course, then you should choose the brand that is known for creating the most excellent golf related products, the TaylorMade. The Noodle 2012 Golf balls from TaylorMade might be the kind of golf ball that you are looking for.

Features of the Noodle 2012 Golf Balls from TaylorMade

  • Long distance golf ball with soft feel.
  • From the name itself, the golf ball is as soft as a Noodle.
  • Features an Impact Propulsion Core which is ideal for longer carry.
  • Stores energy with greater efficiency and then releases them with greater energy.
  • The Lonomer cover is highly durable and soft which promotes great feel as well as increased spin around on the greens.
  • Comes with a patented dimple design that leads to a straighter flight.
  • A two piece construction golf ball.
  • Low compression golf ball.
  • Promotes explosive drives.
  • Has a good green side spin.
  • Offers great control.
  • Sold at a relatively low price.
  • Available in a pack of 15 balls.

Product Information

The Noodle Long and Soft Golf Balls from TaylorMade is the kind of golf balls that delivers extra yardage in every launch, without the harsh feel which distance balls are known to generate. The Noodle has the combination of the long distance and the exceptionally incompatible quality of soft feel. It features an impact propulsion core that results to an even longer carry as well as a highly durable and soft Lonomer cover. The balls have great feel and has an increased spin around on the greens. Its patented dimple design is perfect for straighter flight.

Why Buy the Product

The Noodle 2012 Golf balls from TaylorMade is the kind of golf ball that you need if you want something that could deliver extra yardage without the harsh feel which distance balls often generate. As stated, the Noodle combines long distance with a seemingly incompatible quality of a soft feel. The golf ball comes with great features, such as the impact propulsion core which leads to a longer carry and the soft Lonomer cover which is extremely durable.

One way to determine if a product is really good is by reading consumer reviews. A lot of great things have been written about the Noodle 2012 Golf Balls and this is another reason why you should buy this product. As stated above, the golf ball has a lower compression which is actually suitable to senior golfers that often have a slower swinging speed. Players can get up to 210 yards per drive by using this ball in the golf course. But the best thing of all these is that the Noodle 2012 Golf Balls do not cost a lot. In fact, they are among the cheapest golf balls in the market these days.


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5 reviews for TaylorMade Noodle+ 2012 Golf Balls (15 Pack)

  1. Marquis

    Range is essential in my experience, as I wish to hit a very long drive. This ball features an excellent feel and great distance. Now, this particular ball is actually my preferred, I do not purchase any of the others. I can not find the Noodle Easy Distance any longer, that I liked a lot; and I likewise like the Nike Ladies Power Distance.

  2. Alline Woltemath

    I have actually really been out of playing golf for a number of years and didn’t plan to buy a high dollar golf ball to make use of on the first outing. Most people do not spend a great deal of money in their gear when they are starting or starting up once more. These types of golf balls suit you perfectly and I will certainly purchase even more to utilize.

  3. Lovella Finco

    If you aren’t a scratch golfer, all these get the job done perfect for the price tag. Could not tell a big difference from more expensive balls.

  4. Pamila Hagadorn

    This ball has been my main ball for the last couple of years. The actual club feel is actually amazing with this particular ball. I receive great control near the green, as well as good distance from the tee.

  5. Ardelia Pfeffer

    Distance and goes straight. Puts well as well. I will certainly keep in mind this ball, and I don’t buy many which are this inexpensive, as I frequently believe they are cheap. I truly liked the super-quick shipping and delivery.

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