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Product Description

If you ask any professional golfer for a recommendation on the best brand of golf balls, they will most likely recommend Titleist. The brand has been known for producing some of the best golf related stuff, such as golf clubs, bags, as well as golf balls. One of the products from Titleist that has been gaining a lot of buzz in the market is the Pro V1 golf balls.

Features of the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

  • Excellent performance on the greens.
  • High-tech ZG process for the golf ball’s core technology.
  • Refinished to a mint condition to achieve excellent playability at an affordable price.
  • Available in a pack of 12 golf balls (one dozen).
  • Leads to a higher ball speed with low spin coupled with an extremely long club distance.
  • Specifically made for serious golfers that are open to a wide range of launch conditions.
  • Excellent tour level performance.
  • Maintains a superior drop and stop performance within and around the greens.
  • Has an Alignment Integrated Marketing (AIM) side stamp which is a guide for a much improved putting alignment.
  • The newly reformulated bigger core provides a softer feel while contributing to a much longer distance.
  • It has a newly redesigned Lonomeric casing layer that is thinner and has an improved drop and stop performance for scoring.
  • High performing formulation of urethane elastomer covers for a much improved durability.
  • It has newer and higher coverage 3992 dimpled pattern that has been Tour proven and contributes to achieving longer distance as a result of enhanced aerodynamics.

Product Information

The Pro V1 golf balls from Titleist make use of a three piece multi layer construction in order to maximize the distance, increase durability and enhance the ball performance. The balls come in a pack of 12 balls or one dozen and have been refinished to a mint condition so they play just like brand new golf balls.

This pack has the perfect golf balls for amateur golfers or those who consider themselves a beginner in this sport. It provides highly exceptional distance and a short game scoring performance in the greens.

Why Buy the Product

If you are a serious golfer who is looking for a high performing golf ball to help enhance your skills and your ability to play golf, then the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is what you should buy. It is also recommended for golfers of any skill level due to its exceptional performance thanks to its beginner-friendly features. The golf ball features a highly improved and higher coverage of 392 dimpled design with a new staggered wave parting line that is exclusive to the Alignment Integrated Marketing.

The Titleist Pro V1 has been used by golfers all over the world and many users could attest to its great performance, as evidenced on the great reviews that were written for the golf balls. They love the ball’s reliable flight and extremely soft feel, as well as its longer lasting durability.

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6 reviews for Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls (Pack of 12)

  1. Tawanna Mclaughlin

    Ok, I have actually not played in about Three years, and the idea of investing more than a few bucks on a ball had been unthinkable. I personally never believed the ball had anything to do with my game anyway. I have never hit the ball this far in the past, I have to let them have credit for making a terrific product.

  2. Elvin Davensizer

    If you’re a avid consumer, then you know that it is the greatest deal. A very long ball such as this is excellent in fact it is a soft lander too. It is my go to ball.

  3. Boyce Wroten

    This item is great. They have a very soft feel and they are plenty long. You really can not do better than the price range, they’re a real value.

  4. Titus Frutoz

    These products hit far as well as in a straight line. Excellent looking as well as responsive round the links, too. This ball was a bargain, and I will not forget about it. They arrived ahead of schedule!

  5. Williams Mcneme

    Distance is crucial in my experience, as I want to hit a long drive. If you desire great range just like me, then this ball is for you. I simply no longer buy any one of the other designs. Noodle Distance had been my most liked, however this particular one is presently.

  6. Beata Mailes

    Pro golfers wouldn’t use these, but for the typical golfer, these work great. Personally I have tried high-priced models and I cannot identify the difference.

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