Titleist Pro V1x Mint Refinished Official Golf Balls,12-Pack

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Product Description

There may be a lot of golf balls that are being sold all over the Internet these days, but not all of these balls can provide you with excellent performance. It is therefore important that you do a bit of research before you decide to purchase any of these balls.

One of the golf balls that are worth checking out is the Pro V1x Mint Refinished Golf Ball that was made by Titleist, a brand that has been known for producing the best products in the market.

Features of Pro V1x Mint Refinished Golf Balls from Titleist

  • Made of urethane elastomer material.
  • Balls are restored to top quality to achieve excellent play.
  • Great affordability.
  • Features a four piece dual core construction with lower spin that maximizes distance.
  • Combination of faster initial velocity and high launch for a straighter ball flight.
  • Has an Alignment Integrated Marking (AIM) side stamp that serves as guide to achieve a much better putting alignment.
  • Has a softer feel and results to more distance that’s longer lasting.
  • Its drop and stop control leads to exceptional distance and consistent flight.
  • The ball leads to a good scoring performance for all golfers in various skill levels.
  • The ZG process technology results to an extremely soft compression core.
  • Highly responsive Ionomer casing layer.
  • 352 tetrahedral dimple pattern design that’s spherically-tiled.

Product Information

The Pro V1x golf balls that Titleist has created have gained so much popularity in the industry of golf. The balls are well engineered to be able to deliver exceptional distance and achieve consistent flight. The balls are also praised for their very soft feel as well as for their excellent features including the drop and stop greenside control.

When it comes to durability, these golf balls will never disappoint you. Titleist makes use of an extremely soft compression in the form of the ZG process core technology that features a highly responsive Ionomer casing layer as well as a newly improved urethane elastomer cover system that has a 352 tetrahedral dimpled pattern design.

Why Buy the Product

If you consider yourself a serious golfer, then the Titleist Pro V1X golf ball is the perfect golf ball for you. It is highly recommended for golfers, both beginners and professionals, who are aiming for a long distance drive with an excellent performance that’s Tour validated.

The ball features a new and softer cover which helps to improve its feel and playability when it comes to your short game. It features a highly improved and higher coverage 332 dimpled pattern design with a new parting line and an exclusive Alignment Integrated Marking side stamp.

The Titleist Pro V1X golf ball is definitely the best golf ball to invest in. It helps golfers to maintain a long and steady yardage with a softer feel due to its drop and stop control when used in the green. So instead of checking out other brands, go ahead and buy this pack now.

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5 reviews for Titleist Pro V1x Mint Refinished Official Golf Balls,12-Pack

  1. Sterling Hankins

    This particular ball goes very far as well as straight. Great looking as well as responsive around the golf greens, as well. Whenever I use all these up, I will certainly be back for even more. I actually liked the super-quick shipping and delivery.

  2. Norman Zamperini

    I got all I could possibly ask for, a ball which goes straight as well as offers me range. Whenever putting, it has an excellent feel. I will certainly be back for even more after I use all these ones up. Shipping and delivery was extremely fast.

  3. Oswaldo Novosel

    This particular ball has been my primary ball during the last couple of years. This particular ball has amazing club feel. Straight from the tees I get good distance.

  4. Al Dercole

    For a inexpensive ball, they are nice. It is a bonus that they have a soft feel. You really cannot beat the price range, they are a real value.

  5. Shoshana Scheffrahn

    Ok, I have not played in about 3 years, and the idea of investing more than a couple of dollars upon a ball had been inconceivable. Previously, I did not put any importance in the ball I made use of. I have never ever hit the ball this far in the past, I need to let them have credit for creating a wonderful product.

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