Wilson Hope 12 Ball Ladies Golf Balls (Pink/Hot Pink)


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Product Description

Ladies, you may not be giving that much importance on your golf balls, but without them, you will not be able to play your favorite sport. It is also important that you choose your golf balls well. The right kind of golf balls is something that is not only stylish, but it should be able to perform well in the golf course and one of these is the Hope 12 Ball Ladies Golf Balls from Wilson.

Features of the Hope 12 Ball Ladies Golf Balls

  • Ladies golf balls that come in the beautiful shades of pink and white.
  • Comes in a pack of 12 individual golf balls.
  • Excellent quality construction that leads to straight drives while generating a soft feel.
  • A portion of every purchase will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation as donation.
  • The golf balls come with cute pink ribbons on the side as a commitment to the Breast Cancer Foundation.
  • Comes with a one year warranty from Wilson.

Product Information

Ladies are easily attracted to anything pink and so it’s not surprising to know that a lot of lady golfers would be easily drawn to the Hope Ladies Golf Balls from Wilson. But aside from being attractive, buying the golf balls will mean that you will be able to help with the funding of Breast Cancer Research Foundation, a research foundation that was set up to help women prevent and cure breast cancer. Wilson will give a donation to the foundation for every purchase of these golf balls. And as a way to symbolize this commitment, each ball comes with pink ribbon on one side, a universal symbol for the breast cancer awareness.

You will benefit from the golf balls in a lot of ways. Aside from being powerful and responsive, the balls have excellent construction as well, which drives straight and true, allowing you to play soft on the green. All in all, the box has 12 individual golf balls and half are colored pink while the others are hot pink.

Why Buy the Product

There are lots of reasons why you should choose to buy these golf balls. As a lady golfer, it is normal to choose the kind of golf ball that exudes some feminine flair and so the Hope Ladies Golf Balls from Wilson will be a perfect choice. But another good reason why you should buy these balls is the fact that a portion of your purchases will actually help in the research for the cure of one of the most deadly diseases in the world, breast cancer, which has already taken the lives of so many women.

But aside from the feminine flair and the cause, another reason why you should consider buying the product is because the golf ball performs extremely well. The balls are among the highest performance golf balls that Wilson has ever made and provide the best combination of distance, value and durability.

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6 reviews for Wilson Hope 12 Ball Ladies Golf Balls (Pink/Hot Pink)

  1. Rigoberto

    I’m not a scratch player and this particular ball works well. Couldn’t tell a difference from more expensive balls.

  2. Hyun Vijayan

    If you’re not a scratch golfer, all these get the job done perfect for the price. Could not tell a big difference from more expensive balls.

  3. Elwood Crean

    I didn’t want to invest a great deal of money on a luxury ball since I had actually not played in numerous years. Like most people which happen to be starting, they do not place a great deal of cash into their gear. These golf balls fit the bill and I will certainly purchase even more to use.

  4. Carter Juhas

    This product is nice. They’ve got a very soft feel and they are plenty long. What a fantastic value, and also they are low spin.

  5. August Gavles

    This ball offers a lot of value. I played 18 holes using the same ball and it was not that beat up. I am a 18 handicap.

  6. Valentin Pedrozo

    These balls are a great value. I played 18 holes using the same ball and it wasn’t that marked up. My own handicap is actually 18.

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