Wilson Titanium Ball (18 Ball Pack)

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Product Description

Wilson is a brand that has been so popular in the industry of sports and their golf division, the Wilson Golf, is also fast gaining popularity in the market. Aside from producing the best golf clubs and golf bags, Wilson also manufactures the worlds best golf balls. So if you are in the process of buying some golf balls that you can use in the green, do check out the Wilson Titanium Ball, one of the best golf balls that Wilson has ever made.

Features of the Wilson Titanium Ball

  • Available in a pack of 18 individual golf balls.
  • Made of the extremely durable titanium material.
  • 2-piece construction equipped with an exclusive titanium core.
  • The titanium bonds with core materials on the cohesive unit.
  • Produces excellent energy transfer and distance.
  • Comes with a highly durable and sturdy surlyn cover.
  • Maximum initial velocity and transfer.
  • Achieves maximum distance.

Product Information

If you want to be able to boost up your distance in every shot, the Wilson Titanium golf balls are perfect for you. Each of the golf ball features a hard-wearing titanium core that allows a maximum transfer of energy on impact, while helping the ball to travel far and straight in every launch. The golf ball is also known for having sturdy surlyn covers.

The golf balls are designed to help golfers deliver excellent performance in every game. They feature a hard-wearing titanium core which encourages maximum energy transfer. The golf balls are well capable of traveling true in every shot you make.

The very sturdy surlyn covers help to enhance the lifespan of the golf balls. The balls help to reduce slices as well as hook spins by up to 3 – 4 yards in order to achieve long distance shots. They are the perfect balls for golfers of all skill levels.

Why Buy the Product

As stated above, Wilson is among the top brands when it comes to sports accessories and equipment. Wilson Golf has produced several top notch golf related equipment and accessories and one of these is the Titanium golf balls, which is a first in the industry. This alone is enough reason why you should choose to buy these balls out of the various brands and models of golf balls that are all over the market these days.

Just because the golf balls are made of titanium does not mean that they cost an arm and a leg. As a matter of fact, the Wilson Titanium Balls are among the cheapest golf balls that you will find in the market. A lot of customers are very much pleased with the fact that the balls are extremely durable and perform well in the green, yet they do not cost a lot.

A lot of customers who wrote a review for these golf balls online can attest to the excellent performance of the balls. They feel soft and produce the straightest and the longest drives in the golf course. All these great reviews should be enough to convince you to buy these golf balls.

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5 reviews for Wilson Titanium Ball (18 Ball Pack)

  1. Wanda Castaneda

    You have found a ball that are an excellent value. They are really fairly long as well as straight. I’ve got a handicap of 16.

  2. Catrina Brandorff

    This product is nice. It is a perk that they’ve got a very soft feel. They’re low spin and also you cannot beat the total price.

  3. Cleopatra Cassella

    This is actually the cheapest price any where for brand new golf balls. It’s a soft lander which is a bonus. I can’t envision making use of some other ball.

  4. Douglass Hillen

    This item is nice. They’ve got a soft feel and are plenty long. They’re low spin and you can’t do better than the cost.

  5. Codi Torivio

    Pro golfers would not make use of these, however for the regular golfer, they work great. I have used expensive products and I can’t tell the difference.

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