Wilson ZIP Double Dozen Golf Balls, Pack of 24 (White)


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Product Description

When it comes to golf accessories and equipment, nobody does it better than Wilson Golf, the golf division of Wilson, a world leader in sports equipment and accessories. So if you are in the process of looking for the best golf balls to buy and you cannot choose from the hundreds of brands and models that are all over the Internet, the Wilson golf balls are what you should check out first. The ZIP Double Dozen Golf Balls from Wilson are highly recommended for all golfers in different skill levels.

Features of the ZIP Double Dozen Golf Balls from Wilson

  • Excellent performance guaranteed.
  • Zero Compression Core that’s patented.
  • Cover is speed generating.
  • Features a 302 PhD aerodynamics and is flat bottomed with shallow dimples.
  • Has a stable and penetrating ball flight.
  • The insides of the core are so soft that it scored “zero” during golf’s compression testing.
  • Unique rubber blends in the core and makes use of a minimum curative in order to produce an extremely soft core that has good resilience.
  • Faster off the tee and can reach to a maximum distance.
  • Super soft Ionomer cover that grabs the club face for a much higher spin and an incredibly soft feel.
  • The patented mantle layer known as HPF encloses the zero compression core through a speed generating mantle in order to achieve great distance as well as higher spin rates for irons.

Product Information

The ZIP Double Dozen Golf Balls from Wilson produces a higher spin and longer distance with an unrivaled soft feel. The golf balls offer the softest feel that other multi-layer construction golf balls cannot offer. The ball’s patented zero compression core means that it can deliver an unbelievable feel with a shot stopping spin.

The Zip ball is known for its exceptional speed. It is faster off the tee and comes with a shot stopping control towards the green. It is the perfect choice for golfers who are seeking a soft feel for their balls with great distance and amazing greenside control. The unique flat bottomed golf balls with shallow dimples means that the balls will rip through the air in order to create a more stable and more penetrating flight.

Why Buy the Product

The fact that the golf balls are made by Wilson is reason enough to buy the product. Furthermore, the Zip Golf Ball is the first ever zero compression core ball which creates the softest overall feel on any golf ball in the market. The soft and pliable Ionomer cover generates much higher spin rates that allow for a much better control on short irons as well as approach shots and that should also convince you into buying these golf balls.

A lot of customers are very much pleased with the performance of the Zip Golf Ball from Wilson. As a matter of fact, these balls received a golf award from the infamous Hot List of Golf Digest Magazine and that is a proof that these balls are definitely worth investing for.

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4 reviews for Wilson ZIP Double Dozen Golf Balls, Pack of 24 (White)

  1. Donte

    For a brand new ball, this is actually the best deal anywhere on the web. This is an excellent high-quality ball that hits long and lands soft. I have been making use of it for a long while now.

  2. Marisha Dayhoff

    They are really good, and the price is in line. The soft feel is a big perk. You truly cannot beat the cost, they’re a real value.

  3. Noble Cremeens

    These products hit far as well as straight. Great looking and responsive around the links, too. When I use all these up, I will be back for more. They arrived ahead of schedule!

  4. Hai Mccoach

    It has actually been a couple of years since I enjoyed a round, and did not want to drop a lots of money on a luxury ball. I never ever was a great golf player, and did not put much importance on the ball I had been utilizing. This product is fantastic, I have actually never ever hit the ball as far before.

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